A2 Milk & A2 Vedic Desi Ghee

About Us

Gir Gavya Dairy Farm – Fresh, Pure A2 Milk & A2 Vedic Desi Ghee from Gir Cows

We realize that we have reached a point of saturation in the era of adulteration, and now it is time that we resort to the old means of living. As a method to combat this problem, we strive to provide nutritious dairy products to the masses.

We have our own Cow farm to ensure highest quality of milk. Cows have access to Organic green fodder, Mineral Mixture and Other Nutritious Supplements along with clean water throughout the day.

The raw milk is delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

Say No to Adulteration, Homogenization and Pasteurization…..

"Save Cow"