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Vedic Desi Ghee



Gir Cow's Ghee prepared by Vedic method from the milk obtained from indigenous breed of Gir Cows. Vedic Desi Ghee is suitable for cooking, offering in yagna sacrifices, as a medicine to treat various debilitating diseases, fit to be used in panchkarma therapy and as nasal drops for improving sinusitis and eyesight.

The Ghee from the indigenous breed of Gir Cows has curative properties and is known to cure 111 Kinds of human diseases. It helps rid the body of toxins by lubricating the colon and thus leads to tissue rejuvenation.

It is prepared by Vedic process so, ghee becomes spiritually energized with positive energy, thus establishing total physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Health and Medical Benefits of Gir Cow's Vedic Desi Ghee

  • It contains Butyric acid, which slows down the progress of cancer and other viral diseases.
  • It contains essential amino acids which our body does not produce on its own, which helps in protein synthesis and makes it easily digestible.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory elements which reduces burning sensation in the body
  • Ghee is a safer alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.
  • It Lubricates joints, improves bone health and promotes building of strong bones.
  • It contains good saturated and is free from trans fat.
  • Consuming Vedic desi ghee in Gir cow's A2 Milk helps to recover general weakness.
  • It is enriched with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which prevents muscle from getting damage and speeds-up recovery process.
  • Daily consumption of ghee detoxifies the body and helps rejuvenate inside out.
  • It reduces bad cholestrol and facilitates excellent circulation.
  • It contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which slows down the progress of heart attack.
  • It is highly recommended for people having problems with piles, fisher and fistula.
  • It increases one's energy, vitality and immunity.
  • Arthrites/Joint Pain: Mix 10 gm of desi ghee in warm turmeric milk and consume daily, drink it in standing position.
  • Sinus/Asthma/Snoring/Respiratory Diseases: Warm up desi ghee and pour 2 drops in each nostril with a dropper.
  • Lighting Desi ghee's diya everyday purifies environment and makes ambience positive and soothing.


  • Do not drink or eat anything cold for the next 45 minutes after consuming ghee.
  • Vedic desi ghee is best to eat when served hot.
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